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in san francisco. sergio quintana is live with those details. >> the bus involved in this was actually driven off. the number 18 bus happened to be turning the corner. you can see right there, those are the flares that mark just about the area where the victim was hit by the bus. now, i did speak very briefly with the son-in-law of the victim. she is a 73-year-old woman who was hit. the son-in-law and his wife, the daughter of the victim, happened to be driving by and noticed lots of emergency vehicles here, and noticed the woman, the 73-year-old, who was pretty bloodied, and was surrounded by emergency crews, she was transported to san francisco general hospital. she is still alive. now, you can see there are still investigators from muni who are here on scene.
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i'm being told that they are still questioning the bus driver as is part of the standard procedure in these investigations and will be tested for being under the influence of drugs and alcohol, a standard part of the investigation. muni says they're still trying to piece together how this happened. reporting live, abc7 news. >> ama: a little girl is dead, and two firefighters injured top after a fire race thyroid an apartment complex on treasure island. the early morning fire broke out on mirier mariner drive. these are cell phone pictures of three apartments engulfed in flames. a 10-year-old girl was trapped in the middle apartment. a neighbor described the scene. >> the mother was running around saying, my baby's inside. people went up to try to go through the door, and as we approached the door, it exploded
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and fire and smoke came out. >> ama: five other members of the girl's family escaped without injury. two firefighters who tried to rescue the girl, fell through two floors and were injured. 30 people were displaced. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a 45-year-old man died when his pickup truck rear-ended a big rig parked on the side of highway 101 near the northbound atherton exit this morning. the impact totaled the front of the pickup. the driver's name has not been released. the driver of the big rig has pulled over and was in the sleeper at the time of the crash. they do not believe alcohol is involved. >> new details about a student who was injured during the robbery. the victim issued a statement thanking police and a person who performed an act of random kindness. she wrote, i would like to thank the woman who stopped her truck to help a stranger without a
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moment's hesitation. the suspect is a white or light skinned man, 5'7", medium build, several day's beard growth. she was waiting for the bus when she suspect robbed her and struck her in the head with a rifle. >> police are looking for the suspects in a home invasion robbery of a man tried to sell his car on craigslist. last night the victim met two men in the parking lot of his apartment. police say the men then followed him to his apartment, tied him up, and robbed him. the thieves took off on foot. >> knew at 6:00, three sonoma businesses have been cited for selling alcohol to minors, round table pizza and others businesses were discovered in a decoy sting. new at 6:00.
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the east bay muslim community held an open house in fremont today to reach out to people of different faiths. the open house at a mosque commemorated world enter faith harmony week. the event promotes harmony between all people, regardless of faith. one mosque member admits there are still lots of questions about what muslims believe. >> we think that this is very, very important, especially after the unfortunate event happened on the 9/11, and i think muslims have not done a lot of outreach to explain what muslims are all about. what our faith is all about. >> ama: the week began through a proclamation issued by the united nations general assembly in 2010. it's a big week for baseball fans. abc7 news sports anchor mike shumann is at spring training. >> mike: we're live in scottsdale who only have one
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position open. >> ama: how where you live could soon affect your health insurants. >> the new way to beat the high parking prices at the airport. >> hi there, i'm leigh glaser. after days of temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s, big changes in the offing. we'll look at the accuweather seven-day
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>> where you live in california could determine the cost of your health insurance because geography is one of the few options left for insurance companies to adjust premiums. they can't use gender or a person's age. the state wants to create 19 separate geographical rating areas. the federal government recommends seven. ♪ >> the celebration of the chinese new year continued today in the bay area. the sounds echoed through the asia cultural center. it was the sight of artist workshops and cultural performances. another lunar new year
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celebration happens tomorrow morning in san francisco. the new year run starts at eighth in grant street. the run will be followed by a festival. be advised self streets will have lane closures and muni lines will be affected. >> just ahead. how a bay area startup wants to save you money at the airport parking lot. >> a beautiful saturday but what is hate for form? leigh glaser has the forecast. >> gonzaga in another hilltop battle with usf. and we're going to live to scottsdale and mike shumann with the giants and return of a fan
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>> ama: parking at the airport is never cheap. neither is renting a car. now a bay area startup aims to cut both prices down to size. flight car could help you save money if you're willing to share. >> despite the expression on his
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face this man is not being carjacked. he is paying for parking at the san francisco airport. $33 a day to park close, or 18 to park faraway, houston about parking for free? the catch is you have to let someone else drive your car while you're gone. >> eric. >> andy is a valet for a new service called flight car. like any valet he parks cars but andy also does something else. he rents those cars to out of town visitors at prices far below what hertz or avis would charge. >> it would be 20-50% off. >> they founded flight car because the time seemed to be right. >> i think people have started to become more open to sharing. >> it's just in san francisco for now but could soon be in other big cities if it keeps getting reviews like this. >> a great idea. i talked to some people about it. and they all said, yeah, why
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didn't somebody thought about that earlier. >> dirk and his friend are visiting from germany and have to watch their pennys. >> it's a cheap opportunity for younger guys like us. >> flight car is a startup and money is tight. this is a car they would never rent out to the public because they require cars made in this century, have less than 150,000-miles and don't have parts held on by duct tape. >> if the car has several layers of cosmetic damage, we want take that because no one wants to be seen in a trash car. >> but you -- if your car qualifies you can earn a gas card,. >> i think today there will be a bmw to drive that one. a 505 series. >> looking forward to that? >> yes, i am. >> abc7 news. >> ama: let's get to leigh glaser to find out whether or not you can wash your own car
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coming up. it might rain. >> leigh: well, go ahead and do it tomorrow and expect to have it get wet again on tuesday. the rain returns to the bay area as we head into tuesday and wednesday, we'll take a closer look at that in a moment. clear sky out there right now. live doppler 7 hd, not picking up any moisture at all. in fact here's a live shot. the high definition peak cam and as the sun is slowly starting to get right near the horizon, this is the bay right here, and temperatures today -- here's a look at the highs. santa rosa, 72. napa, 73. concord, 67. 68 today in san jose. monterey, reached a high of 73 degrees. and we're beginning to see a little light fog right just outside the golden gate. this is from the high definition east bay cam. you see the marin headlands.
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54 in novato, we'll show you the bay bridge, and you can see the clear sky there as well. we have 58 degrees ago now in santa rosa, napa, 69. 61 in concord. gilroy, 63. here's a look at our forecast. we'll put you in through much of next week as well. we'll go with passing high clouds tonight but really we're going to notice fog redeveloping in spots around the bay area. get ready for sunshine for sunday but it is going to begin to cool down. you'll notice that. then a much colder, wetter week, as we head into the first and middle part of next week. here's a look at the high clouds that moved across the bay area this afternoon. they will push on out towards the east. this is a little bit of fog that pushes in near the coast and probably moves in through the peninsula as well as the bay overnight tonight. but really what you're going to
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notice tomorrow, we have had nice high pressure, bringing us unseasonably warm temperatures. they'll start to weaken tomorrow, so get ready for a cooler air mass to move in tomorrow. so cooler days starting on sunday. definitely going to notice the cooldown on monday, and by tuesday, a strong cold front. a lot of cold air behind. this is going to bring winter back to the bay area. in fact i'm going to go ahead and show you the forecast an -- animation. this is tuesday, u.s. >> time for the morning commute. wet weather returns to the bay area. by noontime on tuesday, rain will push across the entire bay area. we'll have low snow levels on tuesday as well as cold temperatures. so get ready for changes. tonight, north bay, east bay, overnight temperatures in the mid-to-upper 30s. look for 40s where the fog gathers near the coast as well as the peninsula.
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sunday, 58, millbrae. san francisco tomorrow, sign, 63. north bay, 65. oakland tomorrow, 53. castro valley, 62. here's the seven-day forecast. monday, look for temperatures to really tumble, only in the 50s. the cold rain for tuesday, and then we'll keep things unsettled and cool thursday and friday. >> colin is here doing sports because shu is in arizona. >> looked pretty warm for shu. giants holding their first full-squad workout this morning. mike shumann was there bright and early and, shu, for one giant in particular, there's no place like home, huh? >> mike: that's true, colin, and of course, 21 of the 25 players from last year's world series champions are back. only one position open for competition and that's left field. andres torres, who played
6:19 pm
outfield for the giants in the 2010 world championship team is back to battle for that position. >> after a year in compile in new -- exile in new york, get back in san francisco. >> i'm really happy to be bat. really excited so happy. i can't wait for the season to start. >> if you come back to another team it makes is easy because you know everybody. >> right, this is home for me. this where is i feel really comfortable, and i just looking forward to 2013. win another world champion. >> does it hurt a little bit, knowing they got one last year and you were in new york? >> no. i got a good friends and they like for me family and i just feel proud for them. i feel really happy for everyone. i have memory from 2010. they did a great job. >> mike: you played center field before. they're talk can about you playing left field. >> i play anywhere. i want to. he i just play anywhere. i know i can play any position
6:20 pm
so i'm ready. whatever bochy need, i'll be there. >> what's the difference from left and center? >> center is -- once it's left field, just -- it's a little tougher, but just practice. >> mike: when you walked in the clubhouse, everybody was like, andre? >> i missed everyone, too. i missed the fans in san francisco a lot. so i'm looking forward on 2013. i'll be ready, and i'll be working really hard. so it's going to be exciting year. >> mike: the irony of the situation is, andres was traded for angel pagan to the mets. now they might be roaming the same outfield. tomorrow we'll join the american league west champion oakland a's. reporting live from scottsdale, back to you colin. >> moving on to college hoops. the hilltopper decided home court advantage for usf against gone sag gas dons winners of
6:21 pm
three street at memorial. down seven at the half. the dons chip away in the second. nice reverse. dickerson, outside today. three 3s. game tied at 45. the bulldogs a decided advantage inside. harris, powering in for the dunk. 17 for him. then kelly, the seven-footer, uncontested. 71-61, gonzaga, a perfect 12 are 0 in conference. >> villanova -- st. mary's and loyola. the lions bet the buzzer to end the first half but st. mary's in comondz throughout. gaels a nice road win.
6:22 pm
>> maple pafla. ucla ran into a buzz saw, the bruins bouncing back together. paul led the cardinal. big bucket with just under 2:00 to play. the freshman, fouled on the 3. 88-83, ucla. >> let's go to hp pavilion, the fap open, isner facing haas, and not happy, frustrated. too many unforced errors, haas, a winner in strategy sets. he'll face the two-time defending champ in the finals.
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>> some break news from the east bay. sky 7hd is over the scene of a fatal shooting near the west oakland bart station. i was report just before 5:00 near 8th street. police say a victim was found on the escape with a gunshot wound to the head. no word on suspects or motive. we'll keep you updated on the web site. join me at 9:00. we'll look at an easy trick researchers say parents can use to get their kids to eat their veggies, and a high-tech twist,
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new take on fashion, at 9:00 and 11:00 on abc7. >> a big party today at the california academy of sciences. pierre the penguin celebrated his 30th birthday, major milestone. they usually live 20 years in the wild. he received a gift of fish and a song from the san francisco girl's chorus, his 30 years have been full of adventure. he even standard in -- starred in his own children's book, pierre the penguin, and jeopardy fans. since the tuesday show was preempted, the finale airs tonight. >> that's it for us at 6:00. i'm ama daetz. for leigh glaser, thanks for joining us. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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